OrchKids at Highlandtown Elementary Middle School #215Neighborhood: East Baltimore, Highlandtown 
Children Enrolled: 90
Grades Served: Pre-K – 2
Year Established: After-school, Fall 2013; During-school, Fall 2011
Site Coordinator: Mairin Srygley

OrchKids at Highlandtown Elementary Middle School #215 is located on the East Side of Baltimore, just east of historic Patterson Park. Students at HEMS reflect a diverse neighborhood, including a large population of Hispanic students.

In the first-year Ms. Marin Level of after-school OrchKids, established in the fall of 2013, students experience:

  • Choir
  • Bucket Band
  • Enrichment Activities – Art influenced music activities where students make musical instruments, draw or color music related projects and use their art projects in a music lesson.
  • Exploratory Classes – Provides an introduction to instruments by spending approximately 3 months on the violin, trumpet and recorder.
  • Frequent performances in community concerts
  • Field trips
  • Special guest artist performances

OrchKids has a strong partnership with the Middle School Band Program as well as a String and Piano Program that offers instrumental instruction to older students. As the program expands into its second year of after-school programming in 2014, students will have the following opportunities:

  • Choosing an instrument from a full array of offerings including string, piano, band and percussion instruments
  • Choir
  • Bucket Band
  • Orchestra
  • Field trips, guest artist performances and performance opportunities

OrchKids has provided during-school Musicianship since 2011, starting with pre-kindergarten students. As of fall 2013, Musicianship classes are offered to students from pre-kindergarten through grade 1. This service provides an hour and fifteen minutes of extra music experience per week and has remained an integral part of OrchKids at HEMS.

OrchKids at Highlandtown #215
3223 E Pratt St.
Baltimore, MD 21224
School Office: 410-396-9381