OrchKids at Mary Ann Winterling

Neighborhood: West Baltimore, Harlem Park
Children Enrolled: 230
Grades Served: Pre - K – 2
Established: September 2011
Lead Site Coordinator: Mollie Westbrook

Orch Kids _Mary Ann Winterling

The OrchKids at Mary Ann Winterling site houses the introductory level of the OrchKids after-school program on the West Side.  Students who attend this after-school program receive Bucket Band, Choir, homework enrichment and Exploratory class.  Exploratory class takes the students through a look at all of the orchestral instruments in a year.  The students spend three months on trumpet, three months on violin and three months on the recorder with each section culminating with a concert on the instrument.  In addition to the after-school program, all Mary Ann Winterling pre-kindergarten through 1st grade students receive musicianship class twice a week. 

The OrchKids at Mary Ann Winterling program prepares students for the next level in the OrchKids program where the students begin taking instrument lessons, playing in an orchestra, performing on a regular basis and bringing their instruments home.  In addition to teaching musical skills at Mary Ann Winterling, we aim to improve students' responsibility, attendance, teamwork, communication and classroom skills so they are prepared for the expectations of the intensive musical instruction they receive as they grow with the program.

Since its inception, OrchKids at Mary Ann Winterling has performed over 35 concerts and worked with up to 500 students, most of whom have become enthusiastic musicians and are still continuing their musical studies with the OrchKids Program at Lockerman-Bundy Elementary School.  


Mary Ann Winterling Elementary School, #150
220 N. Bentalou St
Baltimore, MD 21223