Baltimore Magazine: OrchKids Receives $1 Million Gift

John Lewis | January 2014

Robert Meyerhoff and Rheda Becker have donated $1 million to OrchKids, the BSO-sponsored afterschool music program...

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CBS Baltimore: White House Honors BSO’s OrchKids Program

Gigi Barnett | November 2013

One of Baltimore’s youth music groups gets a presidential nod. The sounds of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra’s OrchKids program have reached the White House...

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VIDEO: UMBC Music Certificate Program Collaboration - BSO OrchKids

Washington Post Magazine: After years of crouching, arts ed is raising its hand again

Anne Midgette | February 2013

In a second-floor classroom in an Anacostia elementary school, the pupils are about to be exposed to Great Art: The cellist Yo-Yo Ma is bringing in his Stradivarius. The kids have been told how important Yo-Yo Ma is, and one wall is lined with press photographers and TV cameras...

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Baltimore Magazine: A Great Day In Baltimore: OrchKids

John Lewis | October 2012

The “Highway to Nowhere” cuts a wide path through West Baltimore, six lanes across and little more than a mile long. The notorious stretch of Route 40 was once part of a grand plan for an east-west expressway across town. Neighborhoods were leveled and thousands were displaced during the 1970s to accommodate it. But city leaders changed gears, scrapped the plan, and construction ground to a halt, leaving behind an oversized monument to wrong-headed urban planning and plenty of animosity...

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WYPR 88.1 FM - Midday With Dan Rodricks

WYPR used its midday hour to discuss two programs for schoolchildren that help to nurture the next generation of musicians in Baltimore. Dan Roddrick spoke with Dan Trahey, artistic director of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra's OrchKids program and the Peabody Conservatory's Tuned-In program; Catherine Washburn, Baltimore Talent Education Center (BTEC) board member; and classical cellist Troy Stuart, a graduate of BTEC and other Baltimore City music programs. 

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