OrchKids Administration

Dan Trahey | OrchKids Artistic Director

Nick Skinner | OrchKids Director of Operations

Katie Applefeld | Director of External Affairs, OrchKids

Nicholas Cohen | General Manager, OrchKids & Baltimore Symphony Youth Orchestras

Camille Delaney-McNeil | OrchKids Site Coordinator | Lockerman-Bundy Elementary

Rafaela Dreisin | OrchKids Site Coordinator | Mary Ann Winterling Elementary

Jaclyn Dorr | OrchKids Site Coordinator | New Song Academy

Will Ryerson | OrchKids Site Coordinator | Highlandtown Elementary/Middle

Kay Sheppard | OrchKids Site Coordinator | Booker T. Washington Middle School for the Arts

Lisa Philip | OrchKids Artistic Coordinator

Terri Baumann | Artistic Assistant

Courtney Daley| Operations Assistant

Melissa Birkhold | Program Assistant

Shirley Dessesow | Program Assistant

Lynette Fields | Program Assistant

Colin Sorgi | Program Assistant

Rachel Mangold | Program Assistant

Mairin Srygley | Program Assistant

OrchKids Instructors and Staff

Craig Alston | Clarinet/Sax Instructor

Heidi Bauer | Cello Teaching Assistant

Meghan Bennett | Wind Ensemble Teaching Assistant

Brendan Betyn | Percussion Teaching Assistant

Brittany Bowen | Enrichment Instructor

Brandon Buckmaster | Violin Teaching Assistant

Sabrina Caminero | Wind Ensemble Teaching Assistant

Rachel Choe | Woodwind Department Chair | Flute Instructor

Saul Green | Bucket Band Instructor

Derrick Hewlett | Choral Department Chair | Choir Director

Jasmine Hogan | Musicianship Instructor | Harp Instructor

Yoshiaki Horiguchi | Low Strings Department Chair | String Ensemble Director

Evie Jeffreys | Assistant Orchestra Director

Sherrie Jeffreys | Enrichment Instructor

Lavena Johanson | Low Strings Instructor

Robert Johnston | Wind Ensemble Instructor

Matt Keown | Bucket Band Instructor

Russell Kirk | Woodwind Teaching Assistant | Jazz Band Director

Josh Lebar | Low Strings Instructor

Rachel Mangold | Musicianship Instructor

Janet Melnicoff-Brown | Violin Instructor

Eliza Minster | Brass Teaching Assistant

Brad Mitchell | Woodwind Teaching Assistant

Tyrone Page | Woodwind Teaching Assistant

Evelyn Petcher | String Ensemble Teaching Assistant | Violin Instructor

Brian Prechtl | Percussion Department Chair | Bucket Band Instructor

Michelle Purdy | Bucket Band Teaching Assistant

Patrick Quinn | Double Reeds Instructor

Eric Rasmussen | Early Childhood/Musicianship Department Chair | Musicianship Instructor

Lauren Rausch | High Strings Department Chair | Violin Instructor

Karen Seward | Exploratory Instructor

Susan Silverman | Exploratory Teaching Assistant

Michelle Skinner | Violin Instructor

Stephen Slater | Brass Teaching Assistant

Johnny Walker | Low Strings Teaching Assistant

Elijah Wirth | Ensemble Department Chair | Orchestra Director

James Wyman | Percussion Instructor

Rachel Zephir | Brass Department Chair | Brass Instructor | Musicianship Instructor