OrchKids Administration

Raquel Whiting Gilmer | Executive Director of OrchKids
Nick Skinner
| OrchKids Director of Operations
Dan Trahey | OrchKids Artistic Director
April Dodge | OrchKids Director of Development
Hana Morford | OrchKids Manager of Teaching and Learning
Colin Sorgi | OrchKids Publications Coordinator
Judson Deitrich | OrchKids Operations Coordinator
Beverly Wu | OrchKids Artistic and Program Operations Coordinator

Highlandtown Elementary/Middle School #215
Mairin Srygley | OrchKids Site Manager
Rachel Burbank | OrchKids Site Coordinator
Arizbeth Gonzalez | OrchKids Program Assistant

Booker T. Washington Middle School for the Arts
Khandeya Sheppard 
| OrchKids Site Manager
Belinda Caesar | OrchKids Site Coordinator

Lockerman-Bundy Elementary School
Camille Delaney | OrchKids Senior Site Manager
Kelly Nolan | OrchKids Site Coordinator
Sharniece Adams | OrchKids Program Assistant
Shirley Dessesow | OrchKids Program Assistant

Mary Ann Winterling Elementary School 
Mollie Westbrook | OrchKids Site Manager
Erica Bullard | OrchKids Site Coordinator
Lynette Fields | OrchKids Program Assistant 

Patterson Park Public Charter School 
Vincent Adams | OrchKids Lead Site Coordinator

OrchKids Department Chairs
Jane Cromwell | OrchKids String Department Chair
Robert Johnson | OrchKids Brass Department Chair
Sandra Ragusa | OrchKids Woodwind Department Chair