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Rebekah Newman

Fourth Chair Viola

My family has been an incredible support on my path toward a career in music. My parents drove me hours to lessons each week. In my last two years of high school, my mom and I would drive six hours to Chicago every other week so I could have an hour-and-a-half lesson with my violin teacher. Now that’s dedication! They’ve been there for me in the ups-and-downs that come with the life of a musician. For example, auditions are a stressful way to get a job. They’re tough and there isn’t an exact science to mastering them. Every committee, every orchestra and every day is different. Sometimes it feels like you’re walking into a random lottery pool when other times it can be so organized and rigid that you feel only like the number they’ve given you rather than the musician you’ve worked so hard to become.

But it’s been worth it. I’m so glad to be a part of this Orchestra. Not only are they phenomenal musicians, they are also fun-loving! For example, the other day I sat down in my seat to warm up for rehearsal and another violist from the section got my attention. He wanted to let me know that he noticed someone in the second violin section who had recently gotten a haircut. I started laughing because I realized I had been pointing out new haircuts around the orchestra for the past several weeks and my game was starting to catch on! He just told me the other day that he was going to be getting his hair cut soon and he wanted me to be prepared. That’s just one example of the quirky kind of banter that keeps rehearsals light-hearted and down-to-earth.

In addition to hanging out with my BSO and other musician friends, I like exercising at the gym and outdoors, learning to play tennis and squash, and salsa dancing. I’m into anything that gets me moving! I enjoy getting to know new people and learning what drives them and exploring differences in other cultures. I was fortunate to get to know Europe when I lived in the Netherlands for three years while my dad was stationed at the Soesterberg air base. I love Europe now and always look forward to traveling there!

I really enjoy food so I spend a lot of time cooking and am always looking for great restaurants to try out. I also appreciate listening to jazz. You can often find me in my kitchen experimenting with a new recipe, with my Wynton Marsalis channel on Pandora blaring. That’s when I’ve found my “happy place”!

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