We’ve seen instruments made from trash, from heads of cauliflower, and here in Baltimore we have long-time farmers market favorite Abu the Flutemaker, who’s been constructing Seussian-looking instruments from old PVC pipes for years.

Now, London-based art director Tadas Maksimovas recently caught our attention with a video of his long locks being used to string a violin — while still attached to his head.

Maksimovas created “Hair: The Experiment” as a way to promote the annual Street Musicians Day in Lithuania, during which anyone, no matter how skilled, is invited to participate.

The video shows Maksimovas having his strands of hair separated and then Super Glued together before being strung on an electric violin. After some tuning up, Lithuanian violinist Eimantas Belickas picks up a bow and begins “playing” Maksimovas’ hair.

Of course, bows have traditionally been fabricated from the hair of a horse’s tail, so there is some precedent here, right?

Still, as Maksimovas and his collaborators show, with a little glue — and a whole lot of creativity — music can be created from the unlikeliest things.